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About Me

Hello, I’m Sunayana πŸ™‚

I go to grad school in the USA and love chocolate, (human) languages and computers.


38 Responses to "About Me"

i bet you are a smart girl….
good luck with your master degree….wish you all the best
its really nice to have a new friend if you don’t mind…

Great blog, especially the “school” and “ai” categories. I found you by looking for people blogging about SICP!

great blog……….
ur lover……………….u r single ……i m single……
wanna mingle……………contact:-09965434566

see u in pune on 7th and 8th march

No thanks, I enjoy being single and that’s not going to change anytime soon.
As for Pune, sorry, I don’t know you.

well tht was kind of you sunayana tht u replied to leeches.. well good work lady (in terms of the blog)..not a big fan but ya worth appreciating…… well and ya sorry for the monkey comment on twitter didnt mean anything just that love oranges…. πŸ™‚ … find time and dropn insometime to comment on ma blog

can u gv me sme info about d infosys seminar held at pune on march 2 an engrng student. gv m al detaails.wat ws it all about?

I’m not too sure, since I didn’t attend it, but it was a seminar for women tech leaders. It was called Spark, maybe you can look it up on the web.

Hey nice blog… Keep up the good work and post more frequently.. also y not updating ur techiegirl blog..??? NLP must be cool… although i have not gone deep into it… but thought of working on festival

thanks πŸ˜€
Yeah I need to update the other one, thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

I like the subtlety and gentleness of her blog.

was searching for mysore cafe on google when came across yr blog.. nice writings i should say… seems u r in ahmd studying right now.. i did my masters fr amhd too…
was missing the good ol’ surti food(i m fr surat)
yr trip to surat was normal.. wonder y its stuck with u… i can understand the gal who had been operated upon, the lady in red saree n all that but isnt all that very common in indian trains especially in general compt.. or is it that u dont travel by general too often… still wondering what got yr attention bcoz sum times it happens with me as well nothing special but still stays with u… whoops quite a long post i should stop…


Hi S!

you do write well πŸ™‚

Today I went through two of your posts, and I just loved them.

Keep writing.


Thanks for your comment.
About the trip, yeah I guess it was fairly normal, but I was just in that kind of a mood that day, to observe and write, I guess we’re all so used to seeing these things that they fade away into the background most of the time.
Thanks πŸ™‚

hey u study @ da iict .. i studied @ nicm.. neighbours haa. i remember the fights that we used to hav with daiict guys(2001-04), DA didnt hav a hostel then n the students used to stay @ nicm hostel.. i dont even remember d reasons for those fights haha 1 of those college things….. which institution due u visit in surat though? is gandhinagar still quite or has it changed for good?


I study in NIT Surat, I’ve been working on a project collaborating with people from DA-IICT.
Gandhinagar is still the same, has been for the last few years. Malls don’t seem to have taken over the place yet, but yeah it has a lot more buildings than it used to πŸ™‚

Great blog! All the best for your future..

Good read …keep writing….good wishes for your graduation.

Thanks Aamod and Mariyam!

take it easy

Who is this?

Ah, so you’re a debunker, eh? Good to know that you have a blog too. I need to do some reading now.

Liked the innocence and Originality of the words , in the “BLOG”. indeed. πŸ™‚

Added To Blog-Roll.

– Sean “Gaurav Bagdi” Knight

Thank you πŸ™‚

You are really a nice looking girl if it is ur real picture. No dought about that……….hounestly speaking………..

Take care……..ur face, figure & ur study


Yeah that is my real picture πŸ˜›
Thank you.

Hey hi,

Nice Blog and website too I really liked it. Keep it up so u must be aware of internet Marketing as ur writting for ur personal blog. Its Booming industry in coming days so keep your eyes on it also.
Best Luck


I just saw the CV on ur website. OMG ! I’m not yet out of shock !
I graduated from the same college too..some 4 years back…I still cannot understand how you were able to manage so many things…
I seriously admire you..

“I still cannot understand how you were able to manage so many things…”

Haha, the reason I had to “manage so many things” was because of frustration at the way things were in college.

“I seriously admire you..”

Aw thanks. I still have a very very long way to go.

you are studing in nit surat and da-iict…. want to compare two institute because my son got admission in both…. i like da-iict….any coment.?
please guide me… hope for reply

I haven’t actually studied at DA-IICT, only done some research with a professor there.

But DA-IICT is undoubtedly the better choice. I recommended DA-IICT over NIT Surat to a friend of mine who got admission last year, and he is having a good time there.

All the best to your son!

nice to read your blog……
want to strat my blog….can you guide me.? i try on worldpress, but my name is not appear as yours

how to write please help me at your time…
thanks a lot for good advise for my sons admission… he is at DA-IICT to day.
his first day….thanks a lot.

Finally i start bloging…

Nice, Creative, Clean Blog. I just enhanced my knowledge a little bit more by visiting your blog and by reading it throughly.

The kind of blogs like yours are hard to find on Internet.

Keep it up and keep updating…!

Danish K.


:)) :)) :rofl: … Awesome comments… Way to go…

Hey gal,
i’m 40 and a tchr of English. I don’t quite un’stand u kidz ways. Still i liked ur writing. Blessings & prayers

Thats the irony. When a girl writes a blog, hundreds of people will comment, when a guy writes, no one comments 😦 Unfair. Gender discrimination. Miss you tech mom

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